THE GRAYIST is a showcase of artists, of any genre, from masters and emerging talent. All items are one-of-a-kind creations and each artist donates 5% of their sales to a non-profit organization.

The Grayist Gallery

On July 1, THE GRAYIST online showcase launched.  We began with four metalsmiths, and are in the processes of adding more artists of various genres.  Come back regularly to discover our new members.

Send us a message on the contact page if you want to become a member…because art isn’t black or white!

Rinku Lapis & Wood Grain Finish Cuff 3

Cultural Gems

Non-Profit: YMCA

Instagram: @CulturalgemsJewelry

Woven Chains

Non-Profit: RAGS

Instagram: @wovenchains

J Kris Geiger

Non-Profit: Veterans Yoga Project

Instagram: @jkrisgeiger

Coastal SilverSmith

Bronze Earrings with Removable 14K gold-filled Studs

Cultural Gems

10 mm American Mined Amazonite: $126 plus USPS shipping

8 mm Freshwater Cultured Button Pearl, Pink: $128 plus USPS shipping

10 mm American Mined Oregon Fired Opal Stud: $152 plus USPS shipping

Bronze earrings with removeable 14k gold-filled pearl stud by Cultural Gems Artist Rinku Ghosh.
Bronze earrings with removeable 14k gold-filled fire opal stud by Cultural Gems Artist Rinku Ghosh.
Bronze earrings with removeable 14k gold-filled amazonite stud by Cultural Gems Artist Rinku Ghosh.

Featured Artist:

Liz Hoskinson, Coastal Silversmith

As a ceramicist, I was always looking at shapes and forms in 3 dimensions. A friend invted me alsong to a silver casting classs and I started casting on my ktchen table with a DIR shop blow torch, delft clay and some pyritised ammonite fossils found on the beach. From there, on the YouTube videos and Lucy Walker Jewelry Metalsmith Academy.

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