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Kris Geiger and Marcelina Robledo met over 20 years ago while volunteering for the arts non-profits in Cincinnati, OH, and became fast friends.  Both Kris and Marcelina have careers in marketing and their experiences compliment each other. Kris’ career in marketing has been on the agency side and Kris has earned her MBA and a Gemologist.  Marcelina’s marketing career has been dominantly in the arts non-profit, manufacturing, technology, skin-care, higher-education, and professional training. Marcelina has a BA in Media Studies with a minor in film-making and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Presently, Kris lives in New York City with her husband, while Marcelina has moved to Northwest Indiana to take care of aging parents.

Kris and Marcelina saw an opportunity to promote artists, makers, and creatives, who typically have very little knowledge of marketing and usually don’t have the time to learn and manage their own promotions.

Out of this need, the two friends created THE GRAYIST, an online community of artists who have products and services to sell and are willing to donate 5% of their annual sales to a non-profit of their choice. In addition the members are invited to a weekly meeting where Kris and Marcelina share marketing and SEO insights, and members have the opportunity to share on-going news of their respective businesses.

Artists, makers, and creatives of all genres are welcomed to become a member of THE GRAYIST community. Fill out the contact sheet at the bottom of the page and we will be happy to speak with you.

Kris Geiger

Kris Geiger’s background in advertising and her love for jewelry were key in developing the concept for THEGRAYIST.com.

In 2017, she earned the GIA Graduate Gemologist certification and continued with bench repair courses. 

Joining the Lucy Walker Metalsmith Academy in 2021 introduced Ms. Geiger to kindred spirits who came together to promote their works collectively under The Grayist umbrella initiative.

Additionally, Kris is a volunteer yoga instructor for Veterans Yoga Project, TimeBank, and Prison Yoga Project.  She has no pets but smiles at every dog passing by. 

Marcelina Robledo

Marcelina Robledo is passionate about creativity, the arts, small business, and entrepreneurship. She had been thinking of ways to help her fellow creatives and arts friends in the business arena when Kris approached her with the idea for THE GRAYIST. Without hesitation, Marcelina said yes to the collaboration!

Marcelina has a BA in Media Studies with a minor in film-making and has been in marketing for over 20 years and is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Her marketing career been in the arts non-profit, manufacturing, skin-care, higher education, and professional training. Marcelina also has been a teaching artist, independent video producer, and has her own web design studio, 1120 Digital Media Studio, LLC that services solopreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners.


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THEGRAYIST.com is a gathering place for artists and supporters.  We are not responsible for communications or transactions that extend beyond our website or social media accounts.  THEGRAYIST.com respects diversity and supports equal rights. If you think there is something we could do better, please let us know via our contact page.