Non-Profit: Surfers Against Sewage

Instagram: @coastalsilversmith

How did you get started in jewelry making?

As a ceramicist, I was always looking at shapes and forms in 3 dimensions.  A friend invited me along to a silver casting class and I started casting on my kitchen table with a DIY shop blow torch, delft clay and some pyritised ammonite fossils found on the beach.  From there, on to YouTube videos and Lucy Walker Jewelry Metalsmith Academy.

If you had to pick a favorite item you’ve made?

It’s the next piece! Once I’ve created something, I’m already looking ahead to the next project. The challenge of figuring out how to make an idea come to life is what is what keeps me coming back to the bench. I must admit to a weakness for rings and struggle to let them go!

What’s the best thing about making jewelry?

Opening the mold after a casting and seeing the result.  Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it results in recasting but it’s always the best part: like the anticipation of a prize.

What is the most challenging part of jewelry making?

Photographing the finished pieces for social media. It is really hard to do justice to some of the stones and textures.

Liz H Giveaway ammonite web

What is your design process and how would you describe your signature style?

I don’t sketch things out in advance but work directly in 3d. I do keep a sketchbook of pieces I’m working on, as well as a photographic record as a diary of materials, dimensions, what worked better, etc. and find this really helpful.  My signature style is hard to define as it’s constantly evolving.  Combining elements from ceramics and photography, incorporating nature and coastal elements is a recurring theme.  I like statement pieces. If I am setting a stone, I tend to keep the setting to a minimal to highlight the stone.  If it’s a cast piece, then the texture is the star.

Tell me about your non-profit.

Surfers Against Sewage is non-profit that started out by providing information about pollution conditions at beaches.  Living near the beach, it’s a big part of my relaxation and down time.