Non-Profit: RAGS

Instagram: @wovenchains

How did you get started in your jewelry journey?

I’ve always been interested in gems and shiny things.  16 years ago, my wife started making her jewelry and I would go to farmers markets and table events to help build up the displays and support her as she grew to larger art shows.

One day, I bought some loose gems and started setting.  Earrings at first, and then progressing in complexity.  Four years later, I’ve become the primary maker.  A few times a year, we’ll collaborate on a piece, my pendant and her chain, etc. 

What’s your design process?

It’s not the traditional, mood board, pencil to paper design process.  Rendering doesn’t make sense with the limited time available for studio work.  We don’t necessarily think in lines, the way other artists might, creating a number pieces around a theme. 

When I have a new idea, it’s fully formed in my head and then reverse engineered into the steps required to make it. 

My favorite piece started as a concept ring (picture) standing high off the hand.  From there it evolved into a pendant and required the flower to hang away from the body, independent of the bird.  When worn, it stays perfectly suspended and is highly dimensional.

Tell me about the non-profit organization you support, RAGS. 

It’s an annual benefit for the Pierce County YWCA’s domestic violence programming.  It has been going on for 20 years and my wife and I have participated for the past 7.  It’s a 4-day event where regional jewelry makers, fiber artists and designers set up in the Fife Mercedes Benz showroom and donate 33-40% of their sales to the YWCA.  The program has raised over $1.5 million dollars since it started.

Describe your signature style.

Sculptural and organically created.  Our designs need to be seen and held to be fully appreciated.