My hydrotorch has gotten a lot of love recently but the lowly TIG welder not enough.

On a recent project, the TIG welder saved a ton of fiddling time. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, trying to get titanium clamps to hold tightly in geometrically impossible angles, I took a break.

If only I could hold the pieces together with my hands while tacking them in place…. o wait

Yes, this is not an impulse purchase but in my NYC apartment canned gasses are outlawed. (And when gasses are outlawed, outlaws become gasses?!? I guess that doesn’t work here.) So I’ve invested in alternative soldering options and this is one of them. (O & because no canned gasses, no argon – so there is a bit more oxidation than there could be.) is a collective of makers, elevating their craft and doing good. Each maker designates a non-profit to receive 5% of their sales through this channel. As the umbrella organization, also designates a non-profit to receive 5% of their profits.

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