Non-Profit: Veterans Yoga Project


Instagram: jkrisgeiger

What started your jewelry adventure? 

Picture it – 1992, Monmouth Jewelers, a family-owned store in Alexandria, KY,  I worked there throughout college.  Even though my career was ultimately in advertising, jewelry was always in the back of my mind.  In 2010, my job moved me to NY and I started the part-time GIA Graduate Gemologist coursework.  After graduating, I took the repair courses in the Carlsbad and slowly started setting up my bench.

What’s the best thing about making jewelry?

It’s like being a kid with grown up toys.  Instead of playdough, paper, and scissors, it’s wire, pliers and sheet metal.  Plus the people you get to play with are amazing, imaginative, and fun.

What’s the most challenging thing about making jewelry?

Limited time and space!  My bench overwhelms the living room in our very small apartment. My husband’s patience with tiny metal bits, fire hazards, and cursing is remarkable. Time becomes even more precious because a good chunk is spent pulling out and putting away tools and materials.

If you had to pick a favorite item you’ve made?

A ring for my friend, Jessica (pictured).  We were on vacation in Dubai and she bought a rutilated quartz.  Quite large.  She had a photo of a ring she liked, and I made a prototype for her in bronze.  It was so big, I thought she should try it out before making it in precious metal.  She ended up loving it as is.  (Photo provided)

How would you describe your signature style?

Wearable with unexpected details.

Why did you pick Veterans Yoga Project as your non-profit?

Yoga has been proven to be an effective part of PTSD therapy and resilience. They offer free classes to veterans, first-responders and their families.

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