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Kris Geiger

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Picture it – 1992, Monmouth Jewelers, a family-owned store in Alexandria, KY, I worked there throughtout college.  Even though my career was ultimately in advertising, jewelry was always in the back of my mind. In 2010, my job moved me to NY and I started the part-time GIA Graduate Gemologist coursework.  After graduating, I took the repair courses in the Calrsbad and slowly started setting up my bench.

Featured Items

Three Flower stack rings

Each ring weighs approximately 2 – 3.1g in size 4.75 as shown in brass.

Flowers range in diameter from 16.7mm – 14.8mm on a 2 mm band

These three-dimensional rings can be worn individually or combined as shown for maximum glamour. 

$150 USD for the set of 3 in brass or custom price for in silver and gold.

Triple Oval Ring Bracelet by Kris Geiger


Flexible and easy to wear, soldered links and S-shape clasp flow around your wrist for everyday glamour.

16 gauge Brass Round Wire

7.5mm oval links with hammered finish

5.0mm o-rings

7.25” x 3/8”

$125 + tax and shipping

Kris Geiger Triple Oval Link Bracelet
Kris Geiger Triple Oval Link Bracelet 2