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As a ceramicist, I was always looking at shapes and forms in 3 dimensions.  A friend invited me along to a silver casting class and I started casting on my kitchen table with a DIY shop blow torch, delft clay and some pyritised ammonite fossils found on the beach.  From there, on to YouTube videos and Lucy Walker Jewelry Metalsmith AcademyREAD MORE

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Sterling Silver Russian Bangles

Sterling Silver Russian Bangles by Coastal Silversmith Artist Liz Hoskinson

Six individual bangles cunningly intertwined to create movement, spiraling up and down the arm as you move. 68mm diameter. 63g sterling silver.

Can be made in different sizes. – video on instagram of the movement Value £225 ($308.14 US)

Blue Opalised Wood Pendants


Hand-made matching pendants created with Indonesian Blue Opalwood and wrapped with a Sterling Silver double bezel, allowing the light to pour through. The opalized wood is the result of a volcanic eruption engulfing a forest 20 million years ago and over time, mineral-rich silica has permeated the wood creating these gorgeous colours that are so evocative of the Dorset landscape.

I directly source these semi-precious gemstones from an ethical family mine in Indonesia, where it is sourced by hand with minimal environmental impact. No two pieces will ever be the same, giving you a unique piece of the earth reaching back to pre-historic times. Pendant weight 3g; length 31mm; width 9mm; depth 3mm

£80 ($108.94 US dollars) per pendant

**Shipped from UK but made to order – stone stock will vary.**

This shape lends well to free hanging earrings, but other shaped stones available for rings and cufflinks and penanular brooches.

Please message me on Instagram @coastalsilversmith for more information

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