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Nyeemah began taking lessons in flute and guitar at the age of twelve, but her love for percussion has always been with her. Everyone sang and played at least one instrument and mini-concerts were a regular occurrence in her home. Nyeemah has touched the hearts of many, from her home town Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where it all began to Paris, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Barcelona and so many places in between.

 Spoken Word Artist, Musician, Singer Songwriter, Producer, Arranger, Movement and Visual Artist, today Nyeemah’s tools of choice on a musical note include Indigenous Style Flutes, Voice (Spoken Word, African Ancestral (Orisha), Story Telling, Jazz, Blues, Neo Soul, Soft Rock, Toning, Chants etc.) Hand Percussion (Singing Bowls, Chimes and assorted Bells, Maracas, Shakers and other percussive instruments), Natural and Digital Sounds, MacBook Pro, Spirit and Soul. Visually Nyeemah works with Wood (carving mostly staffs and flutes) Nyeemah also has a great Luv of movement. She’s been a dance and movement instructor for as long as she can remember.   She and her sisters began assisting her mother in teaching students at a very young age.

She has been a personal trainer and body building, sculpting and power lifting instructor for twenty plus years. She has also studied and/or taught Jazz, Modern, Afro-Cuban, Urban, Sensual, Exotic, Tango, Hip-Hop, African dance, Yoga, Salsa and Ballet. This Luv of the arts has lead to the practicing and teaching of THAOM – The Healing Art Of Movement energy work and natural healing all to have mind, body and spirit Be.

This music, the movement, these words, move soul deep, from spirit. Free forms of expression that are healing for We – an amalgamation of lyrics, tones and energy flowing, creating the atmosphere promoting limitless power, Being, Luv, peaceful growth and harmony. I don’t have a specific style; rather my music my art is a blend of elements that touch on a universal, unspoken sound.

I play and sing what moves me. 

I compose my music using acoustic and digital sounds, natural instruments, my voice and of course my lyrics. The intention is the celebration, to spread evolution in life dance, to share ever abundant wealth, to pour pure bliss into being and to spread exceedingly joy filled Luv.

Come on now and join me.

Get all ten of your toes free

and walk in the green grass with me,

’cause this light here, is FREE.”