Sterling Silver Apples


The apples are sterling silver hollow form, not cast. Fabricated from multiple pieces of sheet and wire while being formed into the apple shape.

Being hollow makes them lighter to wear. As in nature, each apple is individually made and no two are identical.

Made to order, please allow 7-10 business days for shipping.

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Travis Kerschner and Trina Gratrix are a husband and wife team who both make jewelry in their own style. They often collaborate, bringing their own unique take to a piece.

Trina uses different sizes of sterling silver and gold fill rings in very specific combinations to weave many different patterns. Some of the patterns are ancient, and some are recently created. Each ring is open and closed by hand, and carefully inspected to ensure a perfect closure. The patterns are intricate and surprisingly varied.

Travis uses traditional silversmithing techniques to create unique jewelry in many forms. Currently, he is working on a line of rings, earrings, and pendants, and pins inspired by nature. He hand cuts and shapes pieces in silver then solders them together to build a distinct shape. He finishes every item polishing the metal to bring out the shine. Travis also makes unique rings, including stacking rings, spinner rings, and interlocking rings. Many of his spinner rings include gems on bands that rotate around the ring core.

Shipping lead times vary by item.

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