You Live Inside Book


A children’s concept picture book of how things live inside each other.  The “Buy” button will REROUTE you to Victor’s Xlibres page.  The book is a soft cover book is $18.99 and $3.99 for digital.


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I’ve been a musician since age 9 and joined a band at 16.  Mostly Latin, salsa, jazz, scratching, shaking, banging, and conga percussion. I started telling stories in the late ‘70s through photography.  I met a woman a church, she was taking photos of the events for “The Tablet” in Brooklyn.  I asked her if she needed someone to cover events when she had conflicts and a year later, I was photographing and writing articles for the publication. I’m always seeing things through a viewfinder and poetry helps put into words what there.  Observing the world through all the senses helps me imagine stories and explore the “what if”. Email Victor: