Tell me about the Tippecanoe Arts Federation.

TAF covers 14 counties in Indiana, focusing on providing arts access to underserved populations. It serves the largest geographic area in Indiana covering about 550,000 people. 

How is the “underserved” defined?

People isolated by geography or struggling on a socio-economic level.

What is the greatest challenge the rural areas present that isn’t as significant in more urban places?

Leadership in some rural areas have not acknowledged the value of the arts in the development aspects of communities. Often times, they don’t consider public art a need.  It just takes one brave building owner to say yes to a mural.  The impact can be immediate – even while a mural is being painted, the foot traffic and community engagement increases. 

TAF CEO Tetia Lee

Are rural youth organizations like 4H an inroad for exposing people to the arts?

Yes, young people are exposed at an early age via 4H.  That opportunity and the growth of technology centers are helping create connection points. 

What’s the one thing you’d like people to take away from this profile?

TAF’s pillars are diversity, equity and inclusion.  Working with all people and utilizing our platform to promote equal access for all. 

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